Sale on lease is the most advantageous financial solution for businesses and individuals who have chosen as a priority the development of their own business.

Leasing is a special type of investment activity in which the lessor (leasing company) acquires from a provider equipment (leased asset). Then it for a fee, subject to certain conditions and for a fixed term leases it to the lessee (the client). All this implies a subsequent transfer of ownership to the lessee.
What can not be the subject of financial and operational leasing:
  • land;
  • natural objects;
  • integral property complexes of enterprises;
  • individual structural units (branches, workshops, sections).

The international financial leasing as a type of leasing relations

In modern practice international leasing is increasingly used - leasing with the leasing companies of the two foreign countries.People apply to cases in such variant where, for example, in my country there are no suppliers of machinery and equipment.

Most often, the need forinternational financial leasing occurs when the large-scale projects.Using a formof international leasingprovides an opportunity not only significantly save money, but also to bring innovation in the country.

In international leasing it is understood to distinguish the following forms:

  • Foreign direct lease - a transaction between entities of different states;
  • indirect - landlord and tenant - legal entities of one state and the capital of the lessor partly owned foreign companies. Or if the lessor serves subsidiary of foreign multinationals.

There is also a financial andoperational leasing:

finance lease implies that the lessee must pay the full value of the property during theactionof the leasingcontract.This type requireslargecapitalinvestments;

operative (operating lease) - the transfer of the leased object occurs at a time which is less than the period of its depreciation.

In the case of operating lease obligations for all maintenance, insurance and maintenance are on the leasing company. After the expiry of the contract concluded, the Lessee shall return the leased asset. Also, he is given the opportunity to change it to another object or to become an owner.

Purchase on lease

Purchase on lease is quick and easy ability to upgrade the material and technical base of the enterprise. And that means to restore or increase the potential of the company, to bring the quality of products in line with modern requirements, plan your own business in the next few years, reducing the risks. Also, reduced risk due to the limited liability of the tenant (as compared to the credit). The lessor has the indisputable right to own property, and assumes most of the obligations relating to the leasing objects.

Financial leasing in Ukraine is convenient, as the lessor provides a full range of services for the acquisition of the leasing object, he is engaged in his search, insurance, customs clearance, registration.

A lease agreement is more flexible than an agreement for a loan: a loan intended to limit the timing and size of redemption is often not specified. In leasing, the tenant is able to develop a flexible and convenient financing scheme for themselves.


many years of experience in the market;

Individual approach to each client;

qualified consulting;

legal and technical support for the duration of the contract;

special conditions for the acquisition of the proposed facilities.

Every company, given the specificity of their activities, have the right to decide for itself to what to give preference, financial and operationalleasing. If you have questions, you can always contact our qualified technicians who will help you in making the right decision.

We are also ready to provide full information on international financial leasing and conditions for better deals.

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