“TEKOM LEASE” is a leading leasing company that specializes in several ways, the most important of which is the “sea.” Today, more than sixty percent of the company’s assets related to the delivery of large projects for the marine industry. Today, it has allowed us to provide entirely new rendering services – leasing of tugs.

LLC “TEKOM LEASE” signed a contract for the construction of tugboats with a world leader in shipbuilding – the company DAMEN SHIPYARDS GORINCHEM.

Tandem of tugs of compact size with high maneuverability and power characteristics can fully ensure safe mooring operations with large vessels in the port.

This financial operation was carried out for the first time in the leasing market of Ukraine, which allows our company to be reliable partner in project financing maritime complex.

The priority of our country is the development of seaports.The development of their infrastructure and increase of power leads to an increase in the competitiveness of the transit transport sector of Ukraine, which in turn results from revenue growth, both public and private companies.It predicts that leasing will tug indispensable aid in the development of the maritime industry.

As we can see, in the port of Odessa in recent years there has been a trend of increasing visits of large vessels.The base, which is now, does not allow the port of quality and timely service them.This was the main reason for the acquisition of two new tugs.

The company “TEKOM LEASE” delivers the import port equipment and transmits it to the financial leasing of various marine business operators, mostly private companies.

Based on our experience, we create effective leasing programs that are easy to adapt to the client’s business and meet modern market demands.

For any questions concerning tug leasing you can contact “TEKOM LEASE” and get all the necessary information.

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