Trucks for Lease – Affordable and Fast!

One of the obstacles for entrepreneurs in the lorry fleet enlargement is the car age. Sure, everyone wants to operate with new cars, but it is not always when such an opportunity exists. On top of it, we should take into consideration that far from every lessor is ready to esteem the financing of used motor vehicles, when it is about such a type of vehicles as cargo-carrying vehicles (trucks). “TEKOM Lease” offers a wide range of financing programs for enterprises, as well as for pre-owned vehicles. At this, the age of machines can vary up to 8 years!
Our specialists will offer an optimal schedule and do everything for your selected vehicle to be owned by your company. In this case, leasing as form of financing is much more beneficial than classic loans because leasing, being as complex of services, relieves lessees from signing the whole set of documents (sale-purchase, pledge, insurance agreements) and replaces it for one lease agreement. Furthermore, the leasing company undertakes to settle the terms of supply, communicate with a supplier, settle payments, provide the insurance coverage of facilities and perform all formalities related to the purchase of a vehicle. Virtually, a client has to provide the company with just a short list of documents in order to get the machinery for lease.
Thus, in August among other realised projects, the fleet of vehicles of one of the capital city enterprises was restocked with a compact truck “Volkswagen Crafter” through our financing programs covering also pre-owned cargo-carrying vehicles.

Respectively, if you review used machines, you can contact our specialists for getting estimations. We will provide them as soon as possible. Any options of freight machines can be considered: from dumpers to haulers. Moreover, “TEKOM Lease” can be an intermediary not only as lessor, but it can ensure direct deliveries of vehicles from direct importers too.
Therewithal, “TEKOM Lease” is always ready to consider an individual approach for every client in order to offer the most flexible repayment terms and schedules. You can get more detailed information about financing of trucks and other commercial vehicles by sending a request to our e-mail address, or by calling +38 (048) 784-73-47.