Truck leasing

“TEKOM LEASE” is the largest leasing company of the South of Ukraine.One of the main directions of our activity is the leasing of trucks and commercial vehicles leasing.

Before you buy a truck on lease, we offer to get acquainted with the program car financing that will take you to the most optimal leasing decision and clear guidance to the company’s budget.

The Company “TEKOM LEASE” is ready to finance the purchase of trucks on lease for any purpose of domestic and foreign manufacturers. Our advantage is a well-established relations with suppliers who had become our reliable partner.

The Company “TEKOM LEASE” offers a special program for truck leasing


  • validity period of 1 to 5 years (depending on the object type)
  • deposit – 30% of the value of the object
  • funding currency – Ukrainian hryvnia, US dollars, Euros
  • monthly repayment of the lease payments, including:
  • payment compensation of the cost part of leasing object

– object registration in the relevant state bodies
– Insurance of the entire period of the lease
– commission of leasing company

  • possibility of early repayment of the lease payments and transfer of ownership of the object at an earlier stage

The ability to do business successfully is, above all, to make informed decisions.The transport business is not an exception but rather the rule. Transport business dealing is not possible without a car park, among which must be and trucks.Literacy of manager’s solutions is leasing truck and leasing of commercial vehicles.

Truck leasing - фото

Leasing becomes affordable and convenient investment tool:

  • as a service complex, leasing relieves the Lessee to sign a package of documents (mortgage, sale, object insurance), replacing it with a single financial leasing agreement
  • significant costs for insurance and registration of the object bears leasing company giving the Lessee installments for the whole period of lease
  • object appreciation is from 8% to 15% per annum of its total value
  • “Transparency” of the lease payments and the lack of hidden fees

Operating leaseis the transfer of truck on lease for a period less than the period of its depreciation.In this case, it is advisable to buy the trucks on lease with high rates of obsolescence.

Financial leasingallows you to operate the facility for a specified period of time (not less than 1 year) for which the lessee repays its cost parts and becomes full owner.This pledge of the transaction becomes a lease object itself.

For all questions of truck leasing and leasing of commercial vehicles you need to contact the “TEKOM LEASE”. Our experts will provide you with more information!