Training “Business Financing”

On 26th February 2019, another event of the campaign “Leasing Day in Ukraine” was held in Zaporizhia City. It was a presentation-fair trade “Funding of Small and Medium-Sized Business by Leasing Companies”. Facilitators of the campaign – Association “Ukrainian Union of Lessors” supported by the Project of USAID“Financial Sector Transformation”.
The training was held with the participation of top leasing companies – members of the Association, as experts. The representatives of the leasing companies showed their presentations, where they told us in terms of practical aspects and examples how to raise funds for the business development. General Director Pavlo Olegovych Mukhin was a speaker of TEKOM-Lease. He showed his presentation “Financial Leasing: from the Equipment to Infrastructure Facilities”. TEKOM-Lease is focused on developing the industrial economy by financing massive infrastructure projects. Infrastructure projects are unique projects concurrently characterised with a high social and national significance as well as high cost-effectiveness, difficult projects involving many participants. Implementation of such projects makes it possible to revive and in some cases to restore operations of enterprises and industry. The financing of infrastructure projects is possible for the purpose of modernisation, increase in available capacities or for the purpose of construction of new property complexes. The presentational part of the training was complemented with offers and estimations at the exposition of leasing products.

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