Trailers and semi-trailers on lease

TEKOM-Leasing has successfully financed the purchase of Wielton trailers. The client is a large agro-industrial holding that has long been using the leasing service to expand its fleet of equipment.

Leasing has many pluses and undeniable advantages: relatively low initial costs, the possibility of payment by installments for a significant period, the most convenient individual payment schemes.

Leasing is often used in the field of road transport, and lease with further purchase of semi-trailers is becoming more and more popular. It is quick and easy to lease a trailer / semi-trailers, as well as use only the most modern technology for doing business.

The best technique ensures the best job performance!

TEKOM-Leasing finances trailers and semi-trailers of all types and categories. It is possible to lease semitrailers of any type: flatbed, awning, curtain, isothermal and even refrigerators.

If you want to get reliable equipment for running your business or simply trucking – leasing of semi-trailers from TEKOM-Leasing will be an ideal option for you!