Tractor CASE on lease

The Ukrainian agricultural holding has already received 26 CASE tractors.
Progressive farmers choose leasing! Case IH high-performance agricultural equipment has established itself in the market as the most reliable equipment that supports farmers throughout the season: from tillage and differentiated fertilization, seeding and plant protection, to harvesting and transport operations.
The use of advanced technologies has a positive effect on productivity and convenience of work, which directly depend on technology.
TEKOM-Leasing offers programs for the acquisition of CASE equipment on lease. Renewal of the fleet of equipment with the involvement of leasing opens up new opportunities with minimal diversion of funds from the company’s turnover.
Case Steiger Series tractors are an excellent value for money of new generation equipment. A Case Steiger tractor on lease is also less troublesome than the same tractor on a loan.
The tractor can be leased with an advance payment of 30%, for a lease term of up to 3 years, with the possibility of a seasonal repayment schedule.