TEKOM-Lease is Launching a New Partnership Program

TEKOM-Lease is happy to inform you about the launch of a new partnership program for procuring agricultural machines jointly with Agro Construction Alliance “ASTRA”. This program covers a wide range of manufacturers and trademarks that approved themselves at the agricultural market long before. They also include such brands as Fendt, Valtra, Horsch, Manitou, Berthoud, Valley, FraMest, Gregoire Besson, Kuhne, Mascar, Oros, Trimble, Bogballe, Fliegl and many others. There are available wheel and crawler tractors, combine harvesters, lift trucks, sprayers, grain loaders, trailers as well as a great number of accessories. You can read more about offered products and machinery on the website of the company.

Agro Construction Alliance “ASTRA” is one of the largest suppliers and service operators of agricultural machines in Ukraine. Through the cooperation with this company, TEKOM-Lease gives some additional opportunities and greatly extends the list of offers for agricultural manufacturers.

We propose you to familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of the partnership program with Agro Construction Alliance “ASTRA”

Financing Type  Leasing
Currency of Financing US Dollar, Hryvnia
One-Off Fee 1% of the leasing cost
Currency UAH
Down Payment\Term 12 24 36 48 60
20% 11,32 14,79 15,89 16,43 16,75
30% 10,94 14,12 15,23 15,79 16,13
50% 8,11 12,57 14,12 14,91 15,39
Currency US Dollars
Down Payment/Term 12 24 36 48 60
20% 0,82 4,30 5,39 5,93 6,25
30% 0,72 3,89 5,00 5,57 5,91
50% 0,0 2,44 4,00 4,79 5,27


TEKOM-Lease is always ready to consider any possible financing options and to be maximum receptive to needs of every client. Leasing of agricultural appliances is amongst our priority activities, and many successfully implemented projects made it possible for us to form an optimal package of financing terms. For many years, our agricultural machinery leasing programs have been providing an opportunity to get any facility at minimum expense, which is necessary for an adequate cultivation and harvesting, and to center resources on important business segments.

To get estimations and more detailed information related to leases of agricultural machines please call +38 (048) 784-73-47, or send a corresponding request to our e-mail address info@tekom-lease.com.ua. Please contact us! We would be happy to discuss our cooperation!