Sprinkler for Lease

Certain agricultural crops need be regularly irrigated. There is much concern especially for agriculturists engaged in the farming industry in the south of our country, where rains are more an exception than a rule. In such cases, powerful sprinklers providing an appropriate irrigation almost anywhere help landowners out. Usually such complexes include irrigation drums, diesel pumping stations with an access to the closest water reservoir and mobile pipeline.






Such plant has a high price in general, but financing programs of “TEKOM Lease” allow significantly simplifying the access to such an important equipment. A similar sprinkler costing 2 mln UAH was leased out to one of the largest agricultural enterprises of Ukraine due to the all possible participation of “TEKOM Lease”. Our financing programs for agricultural machines make it possible to get any facility necessary for an adequate cultivation and harvesting with minimum expense, and to focus resources on relevant business sectors.

You can receive estimations or more detailed information related to the leasing of agricultural machines by calling +38 (048) 784-73-47, or sending a corresponding request to our e-mail info@tekom-lease.com.ua.