A big fitness club in Nikolaev City was given sports equipment on lease. « TEKOM-Lease » finances all sports gear and equipment for extension of the fitness club network.

« TEKOM-Lease » possesses sufficient experience and material base for financing large-scale projects.  Acquisition of high-quality gear for a fitness facility, sports centre or a fitness club is easy and accessible.

Leasing of sports equipment is a most useful way to renovate physical facilities or expand the existing activity. Simplicity and accessibility of leasing facilitate proceeds and business expansion with the insignificant material costs required. Leasing of equipment for a sports centre makes it possible to avoid substantial lumpsum costs and direct efforts and resources to other important issues.
TEKOM-Lease – with us you feel reliable, comfortable and easy!

On our website you can you can use the LEASING CALCULATOR to make an approximate leasing computation.
So as to get a detailed offer, we kindly ask You to fill in the LEASING CALCULATION APPLICATION.