We offer equipment financing program for service of the leasing company “TEKOM LEASE” jointly with LLC “AvtoMotoTeh.

Service station equipment leasingis the most affordable source of financing for small and medium-sized businesses.

We offer you to familiarize with the offer for the acquisition oftunnel car wash and automatic car wash tunnel portal for trucks and buses.

Financial leasing allows you to operate the facility for a specified period of time (not less than 1 year) for which the lessee repays its cost parts and becomes full owner.This pledge of the object of the transaction in favor of leasing.

Using theservice station equipment leasewill allow you today to provide its business quality and modern equipment at the most affordable rates!


Washing equipment

  • Arch of pre-wetting water inlet.
  • 7 brushes from Carlito at the followingconfigurations: twolongitudinalbrushto wheels (washingdisksandthreshold) +2 sidebrushes + 1 topbrush + 2 side brushes.
  • Arch applying shampoo / water on a brush with a metering pump.
  • The side brushes on inclined beams with lowering the brushes due to its own weight and lifting a tilt through the pneumatic cylinder, electronically controlled Autoequip.
  • Upper brush follow the contour of the car (air movement is controlled electronically Autoequip).
  • Arch rinsing.
  • Arch applying cold wax with pneumatic metering pump.
  • Top drying with contour wiper (it should be on a path) of stainless steel, with 2 motoventilyatorami 3 kW each, with a reducer and motor (movement control with the help of solar cells).
  • Side wiper 2 motoventilyatorami 5.5 kW each.



  • Frame – galvanized
  • Color – Grey
  • Color printing – Blue
  • Brushes – yellow-blue (karlitnye)
  • Power – 400 W 50 Hz
  • Cables, pipes, hoses – left side

Automatic portal sink tunnel type for trucks and buses. Model CAMBUS AE3



  • One portal with three brushes for washing trucks and buses
  • There are two possible heights wash: 4000 mm, 4500 mm.
  • Galvanized frame construction
  • The side service doors
  • Rails of 24m length (with welded plates for fixing with plugs that are not included as standard).
  • Direct drive motor for moving the portal

Parts of equipment, carrying out washing cycles

  • Arch of water supply to the brush, inflicting chemical cleaning agent through a metering pump.
  • Side high pressure washer nozzles with a oscillation for lower, middle and upper elements.
  • Movement of the nozzles by means of a motorized system: 3 rotary device with two nozzles on each side (a total of six nozzles on each side) to bottom members 7 + nozzles on each side of the upper element.Built in a separate rack.
  • Includes: 2 piston high-pressure pump 11 kW, 100 l / min., 60 bar (including a safety relay and switch).
  • Side brushes on trolleys with motorized movement (including altivar / speed control), which are controlled by electronic cards Autoequip, and may converge in the middle of the front and rear of the vehicle.
  • High-pressure rinsing arch (fresh water to be supplied from the water supply network or by water pump equipment or a separate water pump).
  • Heated storage of chemicals, with the switch in the electrical panel (of a maximum of 360 W).

The company “TEKOM LEASE” has extensive experience with reliable suppliers of Service station equipment, thatin a competitive environment is the key to success.Purchaseof Service station equipmenton lease,will allow you to be a few steps ahead of your competitors.

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