Presentation-Trade Fair “Funding of Small and Medium-Sized Business by Leasing Companies”

The leasing market in Ukraine has been gradually recovering since the crisis in 2015. The presentation-trade fair was held in Odessa, where representatives of leasing companies shared their practices and discussed development prospects of leasing in Ukraine.
The Ukrainian leasing market is slowly recovering after the number of leasing transactions reduced by 42% in 2015. Leasing is a type of long-term rent with a right to buy out the equipment, vehicles or land lots. Leasing is an important funding source in many countries. However, this form of rent still raises fears in Ukraine, though it has distinct advantages.
61% of leasing items are vehicles at the Ukrainian market: light motor and commercial vehicles. Thereat, the share of used cars is much bigger.
19% is industrial machinery, facilities in the field of real estate and construction. The share of agricultural appliances is 19% as well.
Presently, the agricultural sector is one of the most lucrative for lessors. It especially concerns Odessa Region.

Presentation-Trade Fair “Funding of Small and Medium-Sized Business by Leasing Companies” - фото

The meeting attended by representatives of leasing companies and entrepreneurs included lections and presentations on financial leasing and leasing of vehicles, agricultural and other machineries. In a separate room leasing companies had an opportunity to communicate with potential clients and to get some more detailed information.
The main goal of this event was to propagate and explain the key point of leasing in Ukraine, as the main constraining development factor of leasing in Ukraine is low awareness of the public about its advantages.