Leasing company “TEKOM LEASE” in cooperation with the supplier of medical equipment R-Med developed a program for the acquisition of ultrasound scanners, MRI, CT, bone densitometry, mammography, etc.

Special programs are designed for the following models: Philips iU22 ultrasound scanners and magnetic resonance imaging Philips Intera 1.5T MRI

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Philips iU22

The new ultrasound system with the automatic adjustment of image color flow imaging.

The system allows for the most accurate study of high quality, thanks to its technology and functionality. The device uses a new generation wide SonoCT formation in real time (to 9 moving rays from each sensor element in one frame). Adaptive images for clipping additional noise and artifacts (XRES function), which improves the legibility of tissues. Automatic tracing dopplerographic spectral curves in the display in real-time indicators to measure blood flow.

The device has been used successfully for a huge number of ultrasound examinations in various application areas (obstetrics, gynecology, cardiology, musculoskeletal system, elastography, general studies including abdominal research and study of small and superficial organs)

Standard equipment includes the presence of a 3-probe configuration.

Philips Magnetic Resonance Imaging Philips Intera 1.5T MRI

SystemPhilips Intera- high-performance system that provides excellent image quality. Using the advanced technology of its (SmartExam, SENSE, EhamSards), the system allows the touch of a mouse button to perform a versatile automatic control of planning, scanning, processing and storage of images. The versatility ofPhilips Intera providesqualitative and accurate research in the field of imaging, fully matching the highest requirements and criteria of modern advanced diagnostic centers. New levels of automation through software plus new modular workplace environment to improve operational efficiency and progress. Functional and technological capabilities of the system provides the highest level of image acquisition speed, resolution and signal / noise ratio and ensure high system throughput. Combining ScanTools (scan tool) and target additional packages for experts is expanding the range of available leading clinical procedures.Intera provides these in medium to optimize patient satisfaction. In general, it is a powerful system that offers a unique way for the growth and expansion of today tomorrow.

Ultrasound System GE Logiq E

The main features of Logiq e are multifunctionality, compactness, and the availability of high-precision instruments for research. These features help the machine to carry out high quality research in the field of rheumatology, surgery, anesthesia and pain management, urgent and emergency care, as well as in studies of the musculoskeletal system, for which Logiq e is designed.

Mammography system Mammomat 3000 Nova

System Description: Mammomat 3000 Nova is an analog mammography, which is the ability to integrate with a variety of reading devices for computed radiography that facilitates the transition to digital technology.X-ray screen at the control panel to operate the system from the safe zone.
Unlike other mammography systems, MAMMOMAT 3000 Nova apparatus equipped X-ray tube, which uses two of the anode material. Opdose function automatically selects the most suitable value of the tube voltage and anode and combination filter (Mo / Mo, Mo / Rh, W / Rh) based on the individual characteristics of the breast – thus achieving optimal image quality at the lowest reasonable dose. The quality of the resulting image is not in doubt, and repeated exposure to a minimum.

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