Manufacturing equipment

Late in December 2018, «TEKOM-Lease» leased out a complex of manufacturing equipment to one of the largest enterprises of Ukraine, Private Joint Stock Company «Production Association«Stalkanat-Silur» , which produces metal goods (cables, wires, strands, fibres, nets, sling ropes, straps). The complex is purposed for manufacturing steel strands used in the construction for reinforcing concrete frames. The lessee procured a manufacturing line within the project for increasing capacities, and it makes it possible to significantly increase the production and sales of fabricated goods both at the domestic and international markets of construction materials. This equipment was procured from a foreign manufacturer, delivered to Ukraine and customs cleared. All the formalities related to the import were settled by «TEKOM-Lease». The total cost of the manufacturing complex was 1,98 million US Dollars; the lessee`s personal contribution equalled to 20% of the equipment cost under the financial leasing agreement. With the minimum initial costs, the enterprise purchased the modern equipment that makes it possible to manufacture rival products meeting the national standards of Ukraine (DSTU), Russia (GOST), Germany (DIN), England (BS) and the international standards (ISO, EN).