Leasing or credit - what is worth choosing?This dilemma faced daily business entities that are planning to buy the necessary equipment to increase its working capital.

There are a number of differences between leasing and loans, which must be analyzed before taking such an important decision as business financing.

It should be noted that the lease is a comprehensive service that allows you to save time and resources.

It is important to know: the main difference between a loan from the leasing It considered that the bank gives the borrower money to purchase the property.This leasing company provides property directly.Leasing scheme other than the above specified, the property includes support granted.

Please note that in the context of domestic economic realities such a fact becomes a solid advantage in favor of leasing.This is due to the fact that the property is not owned by the borrower, so it can not be seized.

Leasing or credit?

The unequivocal answer to the question, what to prefer -leasing or loan- is quite difficult.One thing is for sure: leasing conditions are more loyal:

The leasing company independently decides all questions of search for you necessary financing.If we talk about “TEKOM LEASE” - thework isperformed byrealprofessionalswith greatwork experience atthisarea. Yousave your time.To obtain a loan you are applying yourself to the bank, insurance company, the office of the supplier;

Referring to the leasing company, you do not only get funding for your business and professional services - for example, consulting support, preparation of all necessary documents, etc. In the case of a loan, you only get funding and solve all the current problems;

Persons interested in acquiring the property leased, do not need to provide the lessor company collateral, which is taken most often from the core. In the case of processing the loan, you need to provide movable or immovable property as collateral, which is not always available;

All additional costs (customs duties, taxes, insurance premiums, registration fees), you can pay part, for the duration of the lease agreement and immediately start the operation of the facility agreement.

The leasing company does not require from a customer signing a huge number of documents, limited only by the leasing contract. To obtain a loan, you need to agree and sign: a contract of sale with the seller, the insurance contract, the loan agreement, pledge agreement, the agreement on opening a bank account;

All questions on insurance object leasing agreement are assumed by the owner - leasing company, acting in its own way, as a lessee.

Today, the number of companies faces a matter of choice of leasing or credit as the main financial resource for the development of their own business.Given the difficulty in obtaining credit, the advantages of leasing are becoming more apparent.

Leasing - compared to a standard bank loan - becomes more attractive financial tool, allowing, at par with the cost of credit, to get much more services to save time and concentrate on their core business.

We are sure to appreciate the terms of the lease and the loan, you take the right decision, which will become an effective instrument for financing of vehicles and industrial facilities.