Leasing terms

Today leasing companies increased the number of concluded contracts by offering a variety of leasing terms.

The cost of the lease depends on the type of the acquired property, the conditions of supply of equipment, transport and special purpose equipment. In general, the lease payments are made up of the following components:

  • reimbursement of the cost of machinery, equipment, transport and real estate;
  • interest on borrowed financial resources (bond issues, credit, promissory notes);
  • VAT and payment of services provided by the lessor.

The amount of payment depends on the specifics of the lessor and the type of leasing object.Nevertheless, it is quite small and, more often than not has a serious impact on the value of the total lease payments.

The cost of leasing

Among the main items of the lease payments include:

  • interest on the loan, which receives the lessor for the acquisition or lease;
  • insurance of the object.Some companies offer leasing conditions, suggesting an option of choice – who takes on these costs. If the lessee – it can include these costs in the cost (decreasing the tax base). If the lessee – the cost of insurance is transferred to the value of the leasing payments.

The size of the down payment usually varies between 15-30% of the initial value of the property. Acquired in leasing. The main parameters of the deal on the lease is payment schedule. A lot of lessors treat loyally the needs of customers and offer the ability to schedule individually, adjusting the basic conditions of payments.Many of them work at their own financial resources and established with the banks – they are not experiencing difficulties with financing:

Example of leasing schedule

  • Residential real estate: UAH 800 000;
  • Lease term: 10 years;
  • Advance payment – 25% (UAH 200 000);
  • Monthly payment – UAH 10 000.

Our specialists prepare such schedule for each project, where the object can be transport, all types of equipment, production lines, real estate. We can offer every customer special conditions of the lease: the lease payments can be arranged in accordance with the wishes of the Lessee – to include additional costs, to vary depending on the term of the lease and the size of the down payment.

Our managers are ready to prepare for you an individual schedule!