Leasing of trailers and semi-trailers in joint with TRANS-AUTO-D

Our new joint program with TRANS-AUTO-D, a trailer supplier. TAD is a leader in the production of trailers for oversized transport in Ukraine.
TEKOM-Leasing is a reliable financial partner for all types and sizes of businesses.
It will be more profitable and faster to modernize or expand the fleet of equipment if you choose leasing among the many options.
Leasing allows you to use the object for a certain period, and the Lessee will repay its cost in installments. The leasing object itself acts as a pledge, which becomes a definite advantage for the lessee.

• Financing term: from 1 to 5 years *
• First payment from 30% of the cost of the object
• Financing currency – Ukrainian hryvnia, euro *, US dollars *
• Payment currency – Ukrainian hryvnia
• Payment schedules – classic, annuity, seasonal
• Increase in the cost of the object per year from 3%
• One-time commission 1% of the funding amount
* Depends on the object and is calculated individually

The lease payment includes:
• compensation of part of the cost of the leased object
• registration of the object in state institutions
• insurance of the object for the entire lease period
• commission of the Leasing company

We will be happy to answer your questions, provide a detailed calculation and explanation!