Leasing of the HoReCa sphere companies

The company “TEKOM LEASE” is one of the largest leasing companies in the South of Ukraine.We suggest you to use a program of financing of enterprises in the HoReCa sphere.

We offer the following options of leasing:

  • Leasing of equipment for bars and restaurants;
  • Refrigeration equipment leasing;
  • Bar equipment leasing;
  • Leasing for fitness clubs.

In other words, our task is to present the possibility of legal persons and business entities use the service of leasing of industrial, commercial and other types of equipment.


  • validity periodof 1 year to 5 years (depending on the type of object)
  • making an initial payment – from 30% of theproject cost
  • funding currency – Ukrainian hryvnia, US dollars, euros
  • monthly repayment of the lease payments, including:

– payment compensation of the cost part of leasing object
– object registration in the relevant state bodies
– Insurance of the entire period of the lease
– commission of leasing company

  • transfer of ownership of the asset upon payment of the last lease payment
  • possibility of early repayment of the lease payments and the transfer of ownership of the object at an earlier stage

The company “TEKOM LEASE” provides a range of solutions for business development of all participants of the hospitality industry HoReCa: cafes, hotels, restaurants, as well as distributors and suppliers. If you do not have enough money to purchase equipment or furniture for your establishment, you can place them in the lease.

LEASING becomes affordable and convenient investment tool:

Leasing of the HoReCa sphere companies

  • as a service complex, leasing relieves the Lessee to sign a package of documents (mortgage, sale, object insurance), replacing it with a single financial leasing agreement
  • significant costs for insurance and registration of the object bears leasing company giving the Lessee installments for the whole period of lease
  • object appreciation is from 8% to 15% per annum of its total value
  • “Transparency” of the lease payments and the lack of hidden fees

Leasing in HoReCa – the best way of financing

Currently, there is a marked trend of growth in demand in the leasing market of equipment for bars and restaurants, as well as leasing for fitness clubs. This is due to the forecasts of doubling these sectors in the coming years.

The undeniable advantage of the acquisition of bar equipment leasing and refrigeration equipment leasing (as well as other types of equipment) is able to receive modern equipment quickly and without recourse to the withdrawal of funds from the market, or loans.

Through leasing of equipment for bars, restaurants and a fitness club for the leasing company can save the working capital and to repay the monthly payments due to operating activities. The result is that the acquisition of bar equipment leasing and refrigeration equipment leasing pays for itself.

Our experts will ensure the fulfillment of all formalities related to the acquisition of equipment (if necessary, customs clearance, payment of relevant taxes and fees, insurance, equipment), allowing you to concentrate on dealing with the main activity.

With us you can enjoy all the benefits of technological progress and to develop dynamically in the future.

Contact the “TEKOM LEASE” for more information!