Make use of the advantage given by such effective financial tool as leasing of medical equipment.

«TEKOM-Lease» and «SonoScape Ukraine» are ready to cooperate with the concerned medical institutions by leasing out modern ultrasonic apparatus produced by «SonoScape».
Nowadays acquisition of equipment for the ultrasonography cabinet on the basis of leasing is the most advantageous method of purchase for a medical institution.

For the clients’ convenience each deal is supervised by a personal manager who represents the supplier and the leasing company that provide professional consultations on all issues.

Leasing of the medical equipment means a method to purchase equipment which is rapidly gaining momentum in the Ukrainian market nowadays. Refurbishment of the material and technical resources is relevant both for private clinics and for the state medical institutions. Hence, the clinics and hospitals make use of the lease financing to purchase ultrasonic equipment at an ever increasing rate.

«TEKOM-Lease» actively cooperates with «SonoScape Ukraine» in production and sales of the SonoScape ultrasonic diagnosis equipment.тWe offer You our medical equipment financing program.

Financial lease allows of operating the equipment during a certain period (at least 1 year) and makes it possible for the Lessee to redeem its cost by instalments and become, finally, its lawful owner. In doing so, the leased object is a security of the transaction.

General terms of the medical equipment financing:

Financing periodfrom 1 to 3 years
Down paymentfrom 35% of the equipment cost
Finance currencyUkrainian Hryvnia, Euro, US dollar
Payment currencyUkrainian Hryvnia
Payment scheduleclassical annuity
Annual increase of the equipment costfrom 6%
The minimum cost of the equipment is equivalent to USD 20,000
*No additional security is to be provided

Lease payment includes:

• compensation for a portion of the leased equipment cost
• insurance of the equipment during the entire lease period
• Lease company’s fee

We present You SonoScape S20 Ultrasonic Diagnosis apparatus complete with 3 sensors which You might purchase on lease terms.

SonoScape S 20 Doppler ultrasonic apparatus is a modern high-tech model with 17” monitor and an additional 10.4” sensor touch-screen. The SonoScape ultrasonic scanner ensures a wide range of examinations which were never earlier combined in a single apparatus.

SonoScape S 20 Doppler ultrasonic apparatus is the up-to-date colour DOPPLER measurement system developed for making complete ultrasonic examination including cardiology, obstetrical, gynaecological and other examinations.


SonoScape S20 Doppler ultrasonic apparatus


UAH 717, 360*

USD 28, 000

Down payment



Finance currency

Ukrainian Hryvnia

US dollar

Lease contract term

1 year

2 years

1 year

2 years

Financing rate





*Equipment cost is indicated in accordance with the interbank rate as of 02.11.2016. Lease payments are made in the national currency at the commercial currency purchase rate set up by the leasing company bank JSB «Pivdennyi» as of the date of drawing the payment order.

We hope that this offer will be useful, attract Your interest and give rise to our mutually beneficial relationship.

In order to get our customized payment schedule, You can send us an online application.