Last years in Ukraine, the necessity of updating of marine and river transport comes to a head in the general system of ports and transport logistic of country, that sets before ports and transport companies the problem on updating of the fleet of vessels. The solution to this problem requires from the companies of very serious investment, including through debt financing.
Bringing in of leasing instrument allows to port or shipping company to purchase a new ship even in the conditions of deficit of own funds, and shipbuilding company – to receive the order.



he acquisition of vessels under the leasing scheme brings to the transport company both organizational benefits (no need to register on their own purchase and sale transaction, to register a vessel in the register of ships, etc.), and economic (there is no need to engage the entire amount at one time).

“TEKOM-Lease” company has experience in implementing projects for the financing of the maritime industry and is ready to offer leasing of river and sea vessels on the following conditions:

Property Value
Financing period from 1 year to 7 years
The initial payment of 15% of project cost
Currency financing Ukrainian UAH, EURO, USD
Schedule of payments Classic, annuity

For more details the terms of the financing of the maritime industry can be found in the “Current programms”.
The company “TEKOM-Lease” has unique experience in structuring of leasing transactions in following segment of the market, implementing a project of financing of tandem tugs by production of DAMEN SHIPYARDS GORINCHEM with compact size of high maneuverability and power characteristics.



We can buy for your new / used vessel in Ukraine and abroad, as well as to order for you building of the ship on any shipyard in Ukraine and abroad.

The conditions of work with every potential client maximally take into account his wishes and necessities. “ТЕКОМ-Lease” company is always ready to consider and realize any Your project in the segment of financing of vessels. An unconventional approach to the construction trades structure allows us to offer long-term financing, and convenient payment schedules.

For an individual payment schedule, you can submit an online application form or use leasing calculator online.