Leasing of load-carrying vehicles with mileage

TEKOM-Lease is the largest leasing company in the South of Ukraine.

Leasing is a reliable way to buy a used load-carrying vehicle.

Company “TEKOM-Lease “ is ready to finance the leasing of used load-carrying vehicles.

Before getting a used hauler truck leased, we offer you to get familiarized with the financing scheme for used vehicles, which will help you to make an optimal financing decision.

TEKOM-Lease offers a special program for acquiring load-carrying trucks on lease.

Terms of trade:

  • validity term from 1 to 3 years (depending on a manufacture year of a load-carrying truck with mileage)
  • maximum age of a used load-carrying truck is not more than 8 years considering the leasing
  • advance payment – 50 % of the cost of a used load-carrying truck
  • possible advance leasing payments and transfer of ownership of a used load-carrying truck at an earlier stage
  • financing currency – Ukrainian Hryvnias, US Dollars, Euro
  • leasing payments include:

— compensation of a part of the cost of a used load-carrying truck
— registration of a used load-carrying truck at relevant public agencies
— insurance of a used load-carrying truck for the whole leasing period
— fees of the Leasing Company

Leasing is a simple and convenient tool: 

  • As a set of services, leasing does not require from a Leaseholder to sign a whole package of documents (pledge, sale-purchase, insurance of a facility)by substituting it with just one financial leasing agreement;
  • The leasing company incurs considerable expenses for the insurance and registration of a used load-carrying truck with mileage and allows a Leaseholder to pay by instalments during the whole leasing period;
  • A rise in the price of a used load-carrying truck may be from 8 % to 15 % of its total cost per year;
  • “Transparency” of leasing payments and no latent charges;
  • Assistance in the assessment of leasing payments.

For leasing a load-carrying truck with mileage, you need:

  1. Contact a manager of the leasing company “TEKOM-Lease” for calculating a payment schedule and agree the terms.
  2. Provide requisite documents.
  3. Sign an agreement and make a pre-payment.
  4. Get a used load-carrying truck, which you chose, into possession.

Regarding all the matters of leasing of used load-carrying trucks, you should contact representatives of TEKOM-Lease.  Our specialists will provide you with the detailed information!

To get more information, please call:  + 38 (048) 784 73 47; + 38 (048) 784 73 48

Contact the “TEKOM LEASE” for more information!
For inquiries, please call: +38 (048) 784-73-47, +38 (048) 784-73-48.