Leasing of agricultural machinery

“TEKOM LEASE” is the largest leasing company of the South of Ukraine that offers to get acquainted with the program of financing agricultural enterprises. One of the main areas of activity is leasing a new / used agricultural equipment.

The company “TEKOM LEASE” offers:

  • Combine leasing;
  • Tractor leasing;
  • Leasing of agricultural machinery of other species.



The company “TEKOM LEASE” always takes care of financial well-being of their customers, so all services are leasing a new / used agricultural machinery differ the most attractive terms:

  • validity periodof 1 year to 5 years (depending from the type of object)
  • making an initial payment – from 30% of the project cost
  • funding currency – Ukrainian hryvnia, US dollars, euros
  • monthly repayment of the lease payments, including:

– payment compensation of the cost part of leasing object
– object registration in the relevant state bodies
– Insurance of the entire period of the lease
– commission of leasing company

  • transfer of ownership of the asset upon payment of the last lease payment
  • possibility of early repayment of the lease payments and the transfer of ownership of the object at an earlier stage

Leasing objects

  • Self-propelled machinery (tractors, combines, etc..) CNH, CLAAS, John Deere, Sampo, Case, INCIMA, MTZ, Belarus – Ukraine and other.
  • Hinged equipment (only in conjunction with the self-propelled machinery)

LEASING becomes affordable and convenient investment tool:

  • as a service complex, leasing relieves the Lessee to sign a package of documents (mortgage, sale, object insurance), replacing it with a single financial leasing agreement
  • significant costs for insurance and registration of the object bears leasing company giving the Lessee installments for the whole period of lease
  • object appreciation is from 8% to 15% per annum of its total value
  • “Transparency” of the lease payments and the lack of hidden fees

Our company offers cooperation to small and medium private entrepreneurs and large corporate customers. On behalf of “TEKOM LEASE” you are guaranteed to find a reliable business partner to help buy agricultural machinery on lease, which will help to expand production and increase profits.

Today, leasing of agricultural machinery is an excellent alternative to a full acquisition of the object and even more so – processing the loan. We help all our customers to find the most effective financial solution for their business development.

Leasing of agricultural machinery

Features and benefits of leasing of agricultural machinery

This information helps to learn more about the benefits of leasing a new / used agricultural equipment, as well as familiarize with the terms of the transaction.

The company “TEKOM LEASE” provides financial and operational leasing. Our specialists are always ready to provide the best solution for financing your business individually.

Operational leasing – leasing transmission combine and tractor leasing (as well as other agricultural machinery) is carried out for a period shorter than the term of its depreciation.In this case, it would be more reasonable to lease / agricultural machinery with a high rate of obsolescence.

Financial lease allows to maintain the object within a certain period of time (less than one year). Purchasing / agricultural machinery leasing, the lessee will repay its cost parts. Then he will be his rightful owner. This pledge of the transaction is leasing object itself.

Purchasing of agricultural machineryon lease,the customer is able to save on taxes, as well as several times the productivity of their business. We offer more than beneficial cooperation clients, who are interested in leasing of agricultural machinery and for which the priority is the rational distribution of finances.

Our experts will ensure the fulfillment of all formalities related to the purchase of a combine in the leasing and leasing of tractor (and other equipment). If necessary, customs clearance will be conducted, payment of relevant taxes and fees, insurance technique. This will allow you to focus on issues related to the main activity.

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