Leasing cars: upgrade of rolling stock with minimal costs

TEKOM-Leasing “continues to work on financing large-scale infrastructure modernization projects, including projects for leasing railway rolling stock. As part of this work, in January 2018, our company signed a financial leasing agreement with the largest wholesale market participant in mineral fertilizers. According to the signed agreement, the Company will finance the purchase of 100 new gondola cars manufactured by PJSC KVBZ, 50 of which have already been delivered in the first delivery in early February. Universal four-axle all-metal cars are intended for transportation of loose, artificial, packed freights which do not need protection against an atmospheric precipitation. Gondola cars are supposed to be used for transportation of mineral fertilizers on the territory of Ukraine.
Terms of financing the agreement provide for the payment of the lessee’s own contribution in the amount of 30% and the lease term is 5 years.
Tekom-Leasing LLC offers clients to modernize fixed assets with minimal withdrawal of working capital. The main advantages of leasing:

  • the ability to get at minimal cost ready for use object;
  • time saving of the lessee – instead of the whole package of agreements (pledges, purchase and sale, insurance) one financial leasing agreement is made;
  • all actions related to the purchase of fixed assets – registration, payment of mandatory payments, insurance – are carried out by the leasing company.

Tekom-Leasing LLC is one of the 5 largest leasing companies in Ukraine, has an impeccable reputation as a reliable partner, a stable financial position, the company’s activities are public and transparent, accounting is based on the principles of international standards.
TEKOM-Leasing is a universal leasing company that provides financial services to both corporate clients and small and medium-sized businesses in all market segments.
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