Specialists of “TEKOM LEASE” are ready to provide individual calculation of the cost of leasing for each client. To do this you need to submit your application on our website.

Features a separate calculation of the cost of leasing

If you want to make a rough calculation and form own payment schedule, we recommend to use a special calculator Diesing. This will visibly demonstrate what to consider when calculating the cost of leasing and what parameters will be considered in the process of schedule.

What is leasing calculator?

This is a special tool with which you can carry out an approximate calculation of the cost of leasing. As a result, it will determine the optimal payment scheme payments, as well as learn the residual value of the property. This is the value you will be able to buy the object of lease when the contract expires.

Credit calculator “TEKOM LEASE” calculates the amount of the monthly lease payments for leasing your Property. To do this you must enter the following data:

  • cost and type of the object;
  • characteristics;
  • select a currency financing and leasing period;
  • specify the desired size of the down payment and repayment scheme (annuity or classical chart).

All fields are required! You can get more detailed and formal commercial offer, please contact our managers by phone +38 (048) 784-73-47, +38 (048) 784-73-48 or by sending a request to the address info@tekom-lease.com.ua.

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Please leave an online lease application. We will contact you shortly timing.