In the height of the heating season Tekom-Lease and TM Koteko present their joint program for financing solid fuel boilers.

The joint leasing program for legal entities intending to acquire Koteko Trademark solid fuel boilers makes it possible to operate the company’s products (of more than UAH 250,000 cost) during a definite period of time while the leaseholder redeems its cost and becomes the owner of the leased object.

Main terms of the solid fuel boiler lease:
• financing period from 1 to 3 years (no interest during the 1st year);
• down payment of at least 35% of the object cost;
• object value of at least UAH 250,000;
• interest-free financing during the 1st year;
• financing is Ukrainian hryvnia, EUR, US dollar;
• payments made in Ukrainian hryvnia;
• the object of lease is the collateral in the transaction;
• payments are made by instalments in accordance with the established schedule.

The lease payments include:
• the object is insured for the entire lease period;
• compensation of a pat of the solid fuel boiler cost;
• 1% lease fee of the boiler cost;
• currency conversion if financing is made in a foreign currency.

Pellet boilers are one of the best offers for heating enterprises that complies with all environmental standards and makes use of a lot of automatic systems.

We’ll be happy to answer Your questions. You may apply for a lease calculation and get the payment schedule in the shortest time possible.