Lease of carriages: perspectives and opportunities

In Ukraine, the rail traffic is a foundation of cargo transportations. Their share accounts for about 53 % of the total volume of transported cargoes. The multiple track system joining the main industrial and logistic centres, the possibility to transport large cargo volumes and no dependence of the travelling speed on the traffic of cars make this kind of transport key in the cargo transportation structure.

The largest consumer at the rail cargo transportation market is industry. Companies-industrial manufacturers are in their efforts to steer clear of delays in peak seasons and enlarge their own rolling stocks. Herewith, the key problem is extensive wear of carriages and lack of funds for renovating the rolling stocks.

In late 2017, TEKOM-Lease elaborated and implemented a program of leasing of the rail rolling stock. As a part of this program, the first projects were implemented during January-May 2018. Consequently, our company entered into a financial lease agreement with the largest wholesale actor of the mineral fertilizers market. In compliance with the signed agreement, TEKOM-Lease funded the purchase on lease of 100 new gondolas manufactured by the PJSC “KVSZ”, which were delivered and handed to the leaseholder during February-April.

Another rolling stock financing project was successfully implemented in spring 2018: a financial lease agreement was signed in March, and 30 new hoppers were already delivered to one Ukrainian company – grain crop exporter.

The financing terms stipulate a leaseholder`s down payment in the size of 30 %, leasing period – 5 years, what allows clients to modernise their capital funds with a minimal withdrawal of current assets.

Main advantages of leasing:

  • opportunity to get a facility ready for servicing with the lowest expenditures;
  • a leaseholder`s time saving –just one financial lease agreement is concluded instead of the whole package of agreements (pledge, sale-purchase, insurance);
  • all the actions related to the acquisition of main funds – registration, statutory charges, insurance – all of this is carried out by the leasing company;
  • flexible terms and conditions that take into account all interests of a client.