We offer to your attention a joint program of TEKOM-Least, LTD and KUHN – Ukraine, LTD on financing the high-quality agricultural machinery produced by the French brand.

Financial leasing enables the Lessee to operate the leased machinery for a certain time (1 year, not less), during which the Lessee should pay its value by installments and become the rightful owner. Besides, the deal’s mortgage is the lease itself.

Leasing Conditions

Financing period 1 to3 years
Initial contribution from 30% of the lease cost
Currency of financing Ukrainian hryvnias, euros or US dollar
Currency of payment Ukrainian hryvnias
Payment schedule classical, annuity, seasonal
Rate of financing, hryvnias from 13,7%
Rate of financing, euro or US dollar from 3,4%

– Interest rates are shown for the classical repayment schedule. They may vary for the seasonal schedule.
– The leasing company’s one-time commission for financing provision is 1% from the amount of financing (the value minus advance payment).
In addition the schedule includes:
– Insurance and OL registration;
– Currency exchange, if the financing is in USD.

Advantages of TEKOM-Lease’s financing:
• Fixed amount of monthly payments through the whole leasing period.
• Financing rate is fixed for the whole period of leasing and is not annually revised; no indicators or coefficients (Libor1M, etc.) do not apply to the rate.
• Period of the application consideration: 10 business days.
• Absence of any maximum financing amount for one Client.
• Possibility of advance repayment without any penalties or fines.

In order to get the individual schedule an application for leasing may be filed online!

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