We`d like to present to you our new partnership program for financing of KALMAR specialised equipment from TEKOM-Lease and FORX.  FORX Ltd. is an exclusive dealer of KALMAR, leading trademark of loading equipment. The branched filial structure of FORX with representatives in large regional centres of Ukraine allows qualitatively and efficiently servicing clients in the whole territory of Ukraine. You can find more details about the equipment on the website of the company

Special financing terms for equipment in terms of the partnership program:

  • from 0,1% per annum in UAH based on the FX rate*
  • from 9,0% per annum in UAH without reference to the FX rate*

* depending on the term of lease and down payment. 


You can find some additional information or estimation of lease payments by calling +38 (048) 784 73 47 or sending your application to our e-mail: info@tekom-lease.com.ua. We are happy to answer all your questions!