Joint Program for leasing the heat producing equipment from ECO MODULE-UKRAINE

We would like to present you a joint program for leasing the heat producing equipment from ECO MODULE-UKRAINE and TEKOM-Lease.  The Company “ECO MODULE-UKRAINE”, www: , is a leading manufacturer of heat producing equipment, produces automated block-modular, boiler, domestic heating plants, mini CHP plants and unique pellet burners STEHIO. The main operational concept of ECO-MODULE-UKRAINE is a complex problem-solution approach. Due to the work of a tight-knit team of professionals within the construction and project burea u personnel, energy audit specialists, heating engineers and experienced heads of divisions, we can easily start working on project of any degree of complexity. TEKOM-Lease is one of the largest leading companies of Ukraine, which provides financial services either for corporate or small-to-medium business clients, including individuals in all the market segments.

Basic leasing terms for the heat producing equipment:

• financing term – from 1 to 3 years;
• initial payment should be not less than 35 % of the equipment cost;
• financing in the Ukrainian Hryvnias, US Dollars, Euro;
• payments in Hryvnias;
• leasing facility is a pledge for a deal;
• payment by installments according to a set schedule.

Lease payments include:
• insurance of a facility for a lease term;
• compensation of a part of the equipment cost;
• one-off fee – 1 % of an amount financed;
• fees of the leasing company;
• currency conversion if the financing is in a foreign currency.


We will be happy to answer all your questions!

In addition, you can file an application for lease calculations and get a payment schedule within a short time.