John Deere tractor on lease

TEKOM-Leasing and a large agricultural complex signed a deal for the purchase of 10 John Deere tractors on a lease basis. The advance payment was 30% and the financing period was 3 years. John Deere equipment has long become a reliable assistant for a huge number of agricultural producers in Ukraine and abroad.

Funding for John Deere equipment is possible both new and used.

It is very profitable to lease a tractor, harvester, seeder and other agricultural equipment if you do not have the full amount of funds at your disposal, and it is not advisable to extract it from circulation.

General conditions for leasing a tractor:

  • Advance payment – from 30%.
  • Term – from 1 to 3 years.
  • Payment schedule – seasonal, classic, annuity.
  • Financing currency – UAH, EUR, USD.