International Agro-Industrial Exhibition «AGRO-2016»
On 8-11 June, 2016, the XXVIII International Agro-Industrial Exhibition «AGRO-2016» which justly deserves the worldwide recognition for many years was held.
“TEKOM-Lease” company was an exhibitor at the exhibition.
There we presented our joint programs with such suppliers as “TRIA” and “AGSOLCO Ukraine”.



The participants of «AGRO-2016» listed more than 1,200 companies and organizations from 15 countries.
“TEKOM-Lease” presented special financing conditions for the following machinery:
– FRONT LOADER CHANGLIN 956X of “AGSOLCO Ukraine” company.
– Trailing Disc Harrow Hatzenbichler Disco 5000, Sprayer AMAZONE UG 3000, Mower Muthing 670, Disc Harrow AMAZONE CERTOS 5001-2TX, Centre-Pivot Irrigator PIVOT 2IE, Mineral Fertilizer Distributor AMAZONE ZA-M 1001, Seeds and Fertilizer Drill APV PS 500 M2, Deep Tiller JYMPA SJ-9-SR, Deep Tiller JYMPA Bravo Till SJ-9R-2F of “TRIA” company.

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