High-technology equipment on lease

In Ukraine as in the whole world, a healthy lifestyle is popular, which is based on several aspects: nutrition, activity, rest and emotional state. The key aspect is a healthy nutrition that is impossible to imagine without fruit yoghurts, puree and cocktails. The demand for high-quality food items prepared for use is constantly growing, what ensures a large potential capacity for manufacturers of quality fruit fillings. Herewith, a burning problem for national manufacturers is the modernisation of industrial capacities, which stipulates large-scale financial investments. Financial leases make it possible to update the equipment with a minimal withdrawal of money from the company budget.

In July 2018, “TEKOM-Lease” financed and transferred the equipment for fruit and berries blast freezing into the financial lease to a large group of companies specialised in growing, harvesting, processing and selling fresh and frozen fruit, berries, mushrooms, vegetables and seeds. This equipment makes it possible to keep not just the appearance of products, but their taste, aroma and good qualities that are maximum approximate to fresh berries and fruit as well. The cost of “UNIDEX” blast freezing tunnel and fittings made 590 thousand Euro; the leasing period was 36 months; the size of a leaseholder`s down payment was 40%. The blast freezing tunnel was bought from the supplier-non-resident. All the formalities concerning the delivery and customs clearance were settled by the leasing company “TEKOM-Lease”.

Updating main funds assists in the technological level increase and growth of the company performance, what positively influences reformations in the country, competitiveness of domestic goods, and solution of socioeconomic problems in the general economic sense. “TEKOM-Lease” will also continue its work on implementing projects targeted at reclaiming lands, supporting national manufacturers and preparing additional workplaces further on.