Harvesting Machines for Lease

Harvesting is one of the most labour intensive technologic operations. Its relative share in total costs, depending on a crop cultivated, is from 50% and more. For reducing costs and increasing the competitiveness of agricultural products, it is necessary to automate the harvesting process to the maximum.
In 4th quarter 2019, TEKOM-Lease leased out 2 tractor-drawn combine potato harvesters GRIMME GT170 fitted with accessories to one of the companies specialized in the agricultural crops cultivation. These machines ensures a full cycle of harvesting and primary handling of potatoes in any soil. The combines and machines were procured directly from the manufacture, Grimme Landmaschinenfabrik GmbH & Co. Kg. The Leasing Company “TEKOM-Lease” managed all the formalities related to the import of agricultural machines. The overall cost of financial lease objects made about 1,2 mln EUR.








Funding terms prescribe that a lessee shall pay a fee in the size of 30%%of the machinery cost, leasing period of 5 years, and payment of lease under a personal schedule.


Main advantages to procure agricultural machines by means of financial leasing:

  • decrease of the load on the balance of payments
  • getting machines ready for service at the minimum initial costs
  • time saving – administration of all the transaction stages by the leasing company
  • flexible terms – adaptation of the schedule payment to the client`s business
  • tax preferences – tax credit for the value of VAT of the full cost of the main asset, reduction of taxed revenues through the asset depreciation.


You can find some additional information or estimation of lease payments by calling +38(048) 784 73 47 or sending your application to our e-mail: info@tekom-lease.com.ua. We will be happy to answer all your questions!