Three corn harvesters Geringhoff Rota Disc were leased by way of preparing for harvesting, and they work now in Sumy region.

Agricultural companies are quite serious when choosing harvesting equipment because it is a very complicated and critical seasonal work.

At this stage it is of utmost importance to have fail-proof machinery as it allows of reducing yield losses to the minimum.

Quite often chosen are the Geringoff company products as Geringoff always addresses new technical and economical problems and develops efficient and reliable harvesters for corn and sunflowers.

Corn harvester Geringoff Rota Disc became most popular nowadays due to a combination of advantages of impact minimization for corncobs and efficient shredding of stalks.

Reliability is the main priority of Geringhoff. In its turn, “TEKOM-Lease” means a many year’s experience and sustainable position on the financial market.

Taking a Geringhoff harvester on lease is a correct solution!

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