HAMM road roller on lease

3 HAMM rollers were leased to a road construction company.
HAMM offers a wide range of equipment for road construction, landscaping and earthworks worldwide: single drum rollers, tandem road rollers and pneumatic tire rollers.
The growth of any business is associated with capitalization. To expand the fleet of equipment, there is a practical and convenient system of equipment leasing. This is a convenient way to buy construction equipment and distribute the financial burden evenly.
The TEKOM-Leasing company finances the purchase of new and used special equipment for legal entities. We lease special equipment for various highly specialized works – construction, cargo, utilities, quarry, mining, etc.



Leasing conditions for special equipment:
Advance payment – from 30%
Leasing term – from 1 to 5 years
Funding Schedule – Classic, Annuity, Seasonal
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