The fishing fleet of Ukraine comprises 5,035 ships, 70% of them being run-down as their age exceeds 30 years. Renovation of the fleet required for assuring navigational safety will give an impetus for the development of industrial fishery and domestic shipbuilding yards. Such was the conclusion made by participants of the round-table «Prospects and problems of use and renovation of the fishing fleet» held in State Fishery Agency on October 5, 2016.

The attending representatives of shipbuilding yards, in particular, of «Leninskaya kuznitsa», «Akvamarin» and Association of Shipbuilders of Ukraine «Ukrsudprom» unanimously declared that technical capacities of the Ukrainian enterprises can fully meet the demands of the domestic market. «Historically, Ukraine has a powerful shipbuilding potential, we have about 10 big shipbuilding yards and about 10 smaller yards» – tells Viktor Lisitskyi, President of Association of Shipbuilders of Ukraine «Ukrsudprom».

Along with that, the industrial fishermen complained about the main obstacles for renovation of their fleet – absence of the accessible bank credits and absence of state-guarantees of stable work as the issue of an imposition of moratorium on industrial fishing is raised from time to time by political forces and other concerned parties. Chairman of the State Fishing Agency Yarema Kovaliv pointed out that since 2017 the fishing quota will be valid for 5 years, unlike now when it is valid for 1 year only, thereby enabling entrepreneurs to plan their activity for several years ahead. He also noted that his agency develops a legislative mechanism that can guarantee set rights provided the entrepreneurs act lawfully and allow of no violations – all that will make the entrepreneurs position safer.

When commenting the problem of fundraising, Kovaliv remarked: «Absence of accessible lending programs for small and medium businesses is an all-Ukrainian problem. Leasing is one of possible workable tools. Agrarian people have been effectively using it for many years to acquire agricultural machinery. I consider that leasing can be used for renovating the fishing fleet as well». He proposed to set up a dedicated working group where experts, appropriate associations and manufacturers can work out a list of fishing ships needed for entrepreneurs and producers, of those who are able to accomplish such orders and a list of issues to be settled at the legislative level.

Pavel Mukhin, Director General of «TEKOM-Lease», who attended the round table, informed that his company is ready to join such group even at that stage: «We are ready to jointly develop various leasing program options for small craft and small-tonnage and large-tonnage ships belonging to private sector or the state-owned companies, if they need it. According to my preliminary estimation, an annual financing up to the total figure of UAH 150,000,000 is possible – I can announce the exact scope after careful consideration of the matter» – Pavel Mukhin told.

The Ship Register Book of Ukraine counts 5,035 small fishing craft. They include 2,972 ships in the internal waterways of Ukraine, and 2,063 ships in the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov. Actually operated out of 2,063 ships are 380 small craft (from 6 m to 12 m). Besides, 110 small-tonnage ships (from 12 m to 45 m) and 236 large-tonnage fishing ships (over 45 m).