Financing of infrastructure projects: elevators, machinery for grain loading at port

Today, the problem of modernisation of operating manufacturing complexes in Ukraine is especially acute. Ageing and downfall of the infrastructure lead to great losses of efficiency either for enterprises or the industry in general.

Under the notion “modernisation of infrastructure facilities”, we mean large-scale financial investments as the most advantageous and efficient way, i.e. financial leases.

A great advantage of lease financing is that a lease company undertakes the solution of painstaking financial-expert organisational tasks:

  • acts as an expert of quality of acquired facilities;
  • makes it possible to wisely sort out available resources into several aspects;
  • estimates financial capacities of a leaseholder, economy and project risks in general;
  • controls the selection of equipment by suppliers, completion of the whole set of works on creating a technical object;
  • maintains the insurance of main project risks on concessional terms;
  • monitors the project progress;
  • arranges the management of risks;
  • protects interests of the project participants from the infringement of third parties.

TEKOM-Lease is specialised in the financing of large-scale infrastructure projects on development and technical re-equipment of the Ukrainian enterprises. They also include companies and holdings of the agro-industrial sector and agro-logistic business line at seaports. The purpose of such projects is to obtain a modern multifunctional industrial facility that is created on a turnkey basis and ready for servicing right upon completing works.

TEKOM-Lease financed the purchase by a large stevedore company “Olympics Coupe International” of a new expensive machinery for its work at the Odessa Port, i.e.: mechanical shiploaders NEUERO Shiploader SL1000 (Germany) with the capacity of 1000 t/h in a mobile (rail) version. It can transload all types of grain (wheat, corn, barley, etc.), load ships of 5000-65000 dwt Panamax; belt conveyor NEUERO, BC 1200 type, and combined system NEUERO Combiport, C600/1000, with the capacity for wheat of 600 t/h for unloading and 1000 t/h for loading. The total cost of these facilities made 7,34 billion EUR.


Financing of infrastructure projects: elevators, machinery for grain loading at port

Olympics Coupe International


Another facility financed by TEKOM-Lease at the Odessa Port is a new complex for the company “Novotech-Terminal”, which we (Agricultural Information Agency “Agravery”) mentioned in the previous article. The cost of this facility made 5,74 million USD. The complex consists of 8 silos of 29 m height each; the technical performance of a truck line is 1000 t/h.


Financing of infrastructure projects: elevators, machinery for grain loading at port



TEKOM-Lease cooperated with the large agro-industrial holdings. One of the leasing projects was financing of the full reconstruction of the elevator of Rostok-Holding Group in an amount of 2,49 million USD.


Financing of infrastructure projects: elevators, machinery for grain loading at port




Presently, the sectoral structure of the company lease portfolio consists of loading-unloading and agricultural machinery, equipment, transport (including rail carriages). The company is going to increase the scope of financial lease operations in these aspects.

TEKOM-Lease is targeted at financing infrastructure projects specifically as it furthers the industrial growth and increase of efficiency of the Ukrainian companies. Developing enterprises, providing employment lead to the stable economic development of the country in general, and this is one of the main goals of the company.

Source: Agricultural Information Agency “Agravery”