On July 30, 2015 in a. Antonivka Skadovsk district, Kherson region a Field Day was held, conducted by SC “TRIA”.

Large-scale agricultural event was held at the Institute of Rice UANN. The theme of the day was “Resource-saving technologies of cultivation of grain and row crops.” Equipment was provided in the following areas:

  • Amazone fertilizer spreaders;
  • tillage machines from the Amazon;
  • seeders for conventional, minimum and zero sowing Amazone;
  • mounted and trailed sprayers Amazon;
  • machinery from other manufacturers.



Leasing company “TEKOM LEASE” acted as a financial partner. Deputy Director General for Development Olga Ivanova spoke about the prospects of the financial instrument as leasing and opportunities that may become realities through leasing.

Tandem quality of agricultural equipment and a reliable financial partner is this collaboration SC “TRIA” and LLC “TEKOM LEASE”.

All those present at the Field Day was the opportunity to see the equipment Amazon in action, get professional advice and conclude deals.

TEKOM LEASE provided to all guests calculation of the presence of the technique, and also provided expert advice on all issues of financing agricultural machinery Amazone.