Equipment leasing

“TEKOM LEASE” is the largest leasing company of the South of Ukraine. We offer in more detail to get acquainted with the program of financing the equipment and enjoy the benefits of leasing.

Our company operates in the segment of large corporate customers and small and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals.

In the most favorable conditions, we offer:

  1. Equipment leasing;
  2. Car leasing;
  3. Leasing of special machinery.


  • validity period of 1 to 5 years (depending on the object type)
  • deposit – 30% of the value of the object
  • funding currency – Ukrainian hryvnia, US dollars, Euros
  • the minimum cost of the equipment amounts to the equivalent of $ 20 000. US
  • monthly repayment of the lease payments, including:

– payment compensation of the cost part of leasing object
– object registration in the relevant state bodies
– Insurance of the entire period of the lease
– commission of leasing company

  • the transfer of ownership of the asset upon payment of the last lease payment

Types of equipment:

  • Production lines
  • Metalworking and woodworking machinery
  • Trading, storage, processing, power equipment
  • Equipment for service stations, restaurants
  • Other equipment

One of the main activities of our company is a service of tire equipment on lease. In particular, this service is interesting for owners of service stations, which are calculated at minimum cost to spend quality production equipment.

Equipment leasing

Advantages of leasing:

Purchase of tire equipment on lease and other species becomes affordable and convenient investment instrument:

  • as a service complex, leasing relieves the Lessee to sign a package of documents (mortgage, sale, object insurance), replacing it with a single financial leasing agreement
  • significant costs for insurance and registration of the object bears leasing company giving the Lessee installments for the whole period of lease
  • object appreciation is from 8% to 15% per annum of its total value
  • “Transparency” of the lease payments and the lack of hidden fees

On behalf of the company “TEKOM LEASE” you will be able to find a reliable partner who will provide with fast and professional help in equipping of your company with necessary equipment or facilities. As a result, it will help to expand your production and increase its volumes.

Operational leasing – Tire equipment leasing is transferred to a shorter period than the period of its depreciation. This option is most suitable for equipment with a high rate of obsolescence.

Financial lease allows to maintain the object within a certain period of time (less than one year). During this time the lessee repays its cost parts, after which it becomes the full owner. The object of leasing is becoming the key to the deal.

The company “TEKOM LEASE” is worried about the financial well-being of its customers, so our services equipment leasing has always distinguished the most loyal conditions.

Among the main advantages of leasing can be identified that the customer saves on taxes, and increases the productivity of your business.

Today, service equipment leasing is considered the most optimal and profitable financial solutions for the development and promotion of your business. The company “TEKOM LEASE” offers cooperation to those customers for whom the priority – the rational allocation of financial resources and constant development.

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