Cars-Hoppers for Lease – How Does It Work?

The largest consumer at the railway freight market is industry. Companies-manufacturers of industrial products strive to secure themselves from lags in peak seasons and to enlarge their rolling stock. The key problem in this is a high wear-and-tear of cars and lack of funds for updating the fleet of cars.

“TEKOM Lease” designed and successfully integrated a leasing program for the railway rolling stock. This year many railway operators have already managed to use the benefits of this program and to enlarge the number of cars for various logistic needs just in time.

One of good examples of the implementation of our program this year was the lease of 35 new cars-hoppers to one of the largest Ukrainian logistic operators. It should be noted that the cost of one such car is over 1 600 000 UAH. The algorithm for procuring a big number of railway rolling stock units for lease is optimal, easy, and most importantly, allows quickly and efficiently strengthening production capacities of an enterprise by almost leaving a lessee`s current assets untouched. Sure, the rolling stock financing program of “TEKOM Lease” is not supplies of cars only. Our company is ready to review purchasing requests for locomotives, electro-motives and other transport means designated for the railway service.

In Ukraine, the share of railway transportations covers about 53% of the entire volume of transported cargoes. The branched network of railway lines joining the main centres of industry and logistics provides an opportunity to transport big freight volumes, and the absence of any dependence of the traveling speed on the car traffic makes this type of transportation key in the freight traffic structure.

The financing terms specifies that a lessee should pay his contribution of 30%, and leasing period of 5 years, what enables clients to modernise the main funds with a minimum seizure of current assets.

Main leasing advantages:

  • an opportunity to get a facility ready for servicing at minimum cost
  • saving the lessee`s time – one financial lease agreement is drafted instead of the whole package of agreements (pledge, sale-purchase, insurance)
  • all actions related to the procurement of main facilities
  • registration, payment of statutory charges, insurance are performed by the leasing company
  • flexible terms considering all customer interests.

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