Carriages on lease: rolling stock update with minimum costs

TEKOM-Lease will continue its work on financing large-scale infrastructure modernisation projects, including project on rolling stock leasing. In the course of this work, our company signed a financial lease agreement with the largest wholesale actor of the market of mineral fertilizers in January 2018. According to the signed agreement, the Company is to finance the purchase of 100 new gondolas manufactured by the PJSC “KVSZ” on lease, 50 of which were provided already in the first delivery early in February. Universal eight-wheel all-steel carriages are designated for carrying bulk, packaged, break-bulk cargoes that do not need be protected from atmospheric precipitations. The gondolas are to be used for transporting mineral fertilizers within the territory of Ukraine.

The financing terms of this deed envisage a leaseholder`s down payment of 30 % and leasing period of 5 years.

TEKOM-Lease Ltd. offers its clients to carry out the modernisation of the basic assets with a minimum withdrawal of current assets.

Main advantages of leasing:

  • opportunity to get a facility ready for servicing with the lowest expenditures;
  • a leaseholder`s time saving –just one financial lease agreement is concluded instead of the whole package of agreements (pledge, sale-purchase, insurance);
  • all the actions related to the acquisition of main funds – registration, statutory charges, insurance – all of this is carried out by the leasing company;
  • flexible terms and conditions that take into account all interests of a client.


TEKOM-Lease Ltd. is one of the five largest leasing companies of Ukraine, has a squeaky-clean reputation as a reliable partner, stable financial status; the corporate activity is public and transparent; the accounting is carried out by applying the international standards.

TEKOM-Lease is a universal leasing company that provides financial services either for corporate clients or small-to-medium business enterprises in all the market segments.

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