Car leasing for individuals

The program of financial leasing for individuals


“TEKOM LEASE” invites you to get acquainted with the proposal for the leasing of cars for individuals.

Leasing of cars in the world today is considered the most convenient way to purchase the vehicle.


Car leasing program for individuals has a number of advantages:

  • 5 days – term ofreview of the financing.
  • There is an opportunity to influence the monthly payments using the purchase price and down payment.
  • The leasing company takes over the registration of the object of leasing in the authorized bodies.
  • Compared with the credit agreement in the auto leasing requires lower initial costs
  • The possibility distribution of CASCO insurance for the entire period.
  • Minimum package of documents (for down payment of 50%).
  • The car can not be subject to tax arrest.
  • Financing rate fixed for the entire lease period of your choice.
  • Taking a car lease, you can prepay payment.

Basic conditions:

Car leasing for individuals

  • Car brands – domestic and foreign production cost, without limitation;
  • Lease term – from 12 to 60 months;
  • Insurance, registration – included in the payments;
  • The first payment – from 20%;
  • Time for consideration – 2 working days (50%), 5 working days (30%);
  • Early repayment charges – without penalties and overpayments;

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