The company “TEKOM LEASE” jointly with the manufacturer of solid fuel boilers Koteko offer you a proposal for the acquisition of boilers in the lease.
The most convenient form of financing for legal entities is leasing of equipment.

The acquisition of boilers lease on favorable terms provided by the company “TEKOM LEASE”, according to the following prescribed conditions:

  • validity period of 1 year to 5 years;
  • deposit – 35% of the value of the object;
  • Currency Finance- Ukrainian hryvnia;
  • monthly repayment of the lease payments, including:
  • compensation of the cost of leasing object
  • registration of the object in the relevant state bodies
  • insurance of the entire period of the lease
  • Commission of leasing company;

· transfer of ownership of the asset upon payment of the last lease payment;

· possibility of early repayment of the lease payments and the transfer of ownership of the object at an earlier stage.

For an individual calculation according to the conditions you have chosen, you have the opportunity to apply for a lease payment:

For detailed information please call:

Leasing company “TEKOM LEASE” +38 (048) 784-73-48; +38 (048) 784-73-47