Auto Leasing – Fast and Easy!

The priority aspect of auto leasing in Ukraine was and is financial leasing of light motor vehicles. The market of leasing services presently offers a great number of various programs of auto leasing both for legal entities and for individuals that make it possible for every client to choose optimal funding terms for himself.

TEKOM-Lease with the importers of the leading brands of light motor vehicles implement new partnership auto leasing programs on a permanent basis. Thus, 19 cars of different brand marks: Renault, Skoda, Mitsubishi, Toyota, Range Rover, Hyundai, were funded and leased for 4th quarter 2019.

The leasing programs for light motor vehicles require a minimum down payment of 20% of the vehicle`s cost and minimum leasing period up to 5 years.


The main advantages to get light motor vehicles by means of the financial leasing: 

• application processing and decision-making speed 

• minimum set of documents 

• flexible approach in assessing a lessee 

• minimum initial costs, additional expenditures (registration, pension fees and charges, insurance, etc.) included in monthly payments 

• individual schedule of payments 

• the leasing company deals with all the formalities related to the purchase of vehicles, insurance adjustment. 



How does it work? 


  • Select a desired make of a vehicle from an official dealer;
  • Agree the funding terms that are optimal for you; 
  • Sign a financial lease agreement with TEKOM-Lease; 
  • Make a down payment and pay a one-off fee; 
  • Get a vehicle ready for service. 


You can find some additional information or estimation of lease payments by calling +38(048) 784 73 47 or sending your application to our e-mail: We will be happy to answer all your questions!