Affiliate program with the ASSOL company. Leasing of special equipment

We present to your attention a new partner program for the leasing of special equipment together with the Assol company.
We are ready to lease tractors, bulldozers, excavators, cranes, crushing equipment, loaders of various brands and models.

Buying special equipment on lease, you save time and allocate resources wisely.

The need to renew the fleet of equipment can be easily satisfied by choosing leasing as a reliable financial instrument.

Financial leasing allows you to operate an object for a certain period (not less than 1 year), during which the Lessee repays its cost in parts and becomes a full owner. In this case, the pledge of the agreement is the object of leasing itself.

Термін фінансування від 1 до 5-ти років *
Аванс від 30% вартості об’єкта
Валюта фінансування українська гривня, євро *, дол. США *
Валюта платежу українська гривня
Графіки платежів класичний, ануїтет, сезонний
Ставка фінансування від 0,01%
Подорожчання об’єкту в рік від 3%
Одноразова комісія 1% від суми фінансування

Financing term from 1 to 5 years *
Advance payment from 30% of the cost of the object
Financing currency Ukrainian hryvnia, euro *, US dollars *
Payment currency Ukrainian hryvnia
Payment schedules classic, tannuity, seasonal
Funding rate from 0.01%
Increase in the cost of the object per year from 3%
One-time commission 1% of the funding amount

* Depends on the object and is calculated individually

The lease payment includes:

• compensation of part of the cost of the leased object
• registration of the object in state institutions
• insurance of the object for the entire lease period
• commission of the Leasing company

The partnership program from the companies “TEKOM-Leasing” and “ASSOL” allows companies to take advantage of a unique financial offer and get a number of advantages:

– Reducing the burden on the client’s balance of payments
– Increased purchasing power
– Flexible leasing terms adapted to the specifics of the client’s activities
– Saving time – the leasing company takes care of all the formalities