We propose for Your consideration a joint program for leasing agricultural machinery by “POLETEHNIKA” and “”TEKOM-Lease”.

«POLETEHNIKA» offers a wide range of agricultural machinery and equipment of the best world manufacturers such as New Holland, Horsch, Trimble, Berthoud, Zaffrani, Kverneland, Capello, Kinze, Manitou and Hagie.



Financing periodfrom 1 to 3 years
Down paymentfrom 20% of the object cost
Currency of fundingUkrainian hryvnia, EUR, US dollar
Payment currencyUkrainian hryvnia
Payment scheduleClassic, annuity, seasonal
Financing rate, UAHfrom 12.55%
Financing rate, EUR, USDfrom 1.55 %

1. Interest rates are indicated for the classic redemption schedule. The rates for a seasonal redemption schedule may differ.
2. The financing rate is fixed for the entire lease period it may not be re-priced and no indicators and rates (Libor1M and others).
3. The leasing company single fee for provision of funds amounts to 1% of the lease amount (the cost less the pre-payment).
4. The schedule also includes the following:
insurance and registration of the lease object;
currency conversion if financed in USD/EUR.
5. Lease application review within 10 working days.
6. No maximum funding amount per Client.
7. Possibility of an early repayment of the loan without a penalty and fine.

We’ll be happy to answer Your questions.
In order to get a customized payment schedule, You can apply on-line.