“TEKOM LEASE” independently negotiates with suppliers of machinery, equipment and transport, insurance companies, public authorities, banks and prepares all the necessary documents for your project. The only thing a client have to sign is a lease agreement.

Your company (hereinafter - the "Lessee") chooses the leasing object catalogs / interior / trading floor supplier or sends a request and the necessary specification to search Leasing object

The leasing company negotiates with the Lessee downpayment (advance payment), the period of the contract, the cost of financing, the terms of transfer of ownership

On the basis of the project cost, the cost of its transportation, customs clearance (if necessary), the registration, the period of the lease and the size of the down payment, leasing company prepares a schedule of lease payments and sends it to the Lessee together with the list of documents required for project financing

Following the positive decision on financing, the parties conclude a lease agreement, the lessee makes a down payment in accordance with the approved schedule, leasing company enters into a contract of sale subject to the Supplier

The object is acquired from the Supplier leasing company and transmitted to the lessee on the basis of an act of reception and transmission

The lessee makes monthly lease payments in accordance with the approved schedule during the period of the lease agreement

Lease payment includes:

repayment of part of the cost of leasing object

commission of Leasing company for transaction financing

other expenses directly related to the execution of the leasing agreement (insurance, registration in state institutions, etc.)

At the end of the contract period, the object becomes the property of the Lessee (the redemption value is missing or set in agreement with the Lessee)