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About company

The company “TEKOM LEASE” is one of the leading leasing companies in Ukraine in sphere of financing of road construction projects, industrial facilities and agriculture. Our company is the sole organizer of the shipbuilding projects with the use of leasing in Ukraine.

Today leasing programs are becoming increasingly popular in countries all over the world. Leasing is a financial service for individuals and legal entities, which allows you to purchase a particular object (equipment, real estate, technology, etc.) without weaning money from circulation, with the right to repurchase. That is why much more profitable tobuy thelease,than, for example, to issue the credit.

For the development and implementation of Ukraine’s first financial program to support domestic fleet, our company was nominated forthe National Marine rating of Ukraine in 2009.

In 2015, the company “TEKOM LEASE” was awarded acommemorative badge “Golden hryvnia” of National maritime rating of Ukraine on the results of the maritime industry in 2014 ,for maintaining its leading position in the marine industry in Ukraine in the sphere of provision of leasing services.

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Year of foundation

The company “TEKOM LEASE” began its work in May 2005 and today the company has formed an effective system for managing business processes, a highly professional team of specialists in finance and law, has considerable experience in the organization and implementation of large-scale leasing projects.

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LLC “TEKOM LEASE” is among the 5 largest leasing companies of Ukraine, has an impeccable reputation as a reliable partner, stable financial situation and activities of publicity and transparency, records are maintained on principles of international standards.Funding of the company is carried out at the expense of European and Ukrainian banks, which allows you to create a flexible pricing policy.


Specialists “TEKOM LEASE”, as a part of an innovative strategy designed financial products to meet the needs in the acquisition of fixed assets, both large enterprises and private entrepreneurs – financial leasing of any type of transport,leasing ofships,financial leasing machinery and equipment of various industries ,leasing of roadequipment,financial real estate leasing, financial leasing of medical equipment, financial leasing of HoReCa sphere.

Complex project financing, drawing up flexible repayment schedules of payments, taking into account the specifics of the client’s business, the use of schemes and the return of international leasing are provided.

Completed projects

The Company implemented diverse large-scale projects all over Ukraine, including:

  • Delivery of 2 specialized ships – tugs for the Odessa Commercial Sea Port
  • The transfer of rollers and bulldozers to carry out road construction work in Luhansk region
  • Financing of Ukrainian network of supermarkets for the purchase of commercial and technological equipment
  • Supply of the full range of construction equipment for the construction work in southern Ukraine
  • Transfer of cargo handling equipment (USA) for the plant for the production of bricks in Mykolaiv region
  • Transfer of road construction equipment (Sweden) of a major construction company in Odessa
  • Acquisition of special vehicles for the popular chain of ready made stores
  • Delivery of construction equipment for the repair and reconstruction of streets in Odessa
  • Import and distribution of unique metal-working equipment
  • Complex equipment of restaurants chain
  • Supply of equipment for the agricultural holding
  • Launched a project to supply heat in the budgetary organizations, such as schools, hospitals, kindergartens, etc. Heat is produced by modernized boiler running on alternative fuels (pellets made of sunflower husk).

Today the company “TEKOM LEASE” is a universal leasing company that provides financial services to both corporate clients and small and medium-sized businesses in all market segments. Each of them receives the most favorable opportunityto purchase road equipmenton lease, and special medical equipment, real estate andbuy seavessels on lease.

“TEKOM LEASE” – learn more about the benefits of leasing in our company!

Purchase on lease is the best financial solution for companies that opted for the priority development of their business. By purchasing leasing facilities as soon as possible, you will provide your own business with modern and quality equipment at the most affordable rates.

If you are interested inleasing of road machineryand equipment, as well as leasing of shipsand real estate – the company “TEKOM LEASE” is ready to offer you favorable conditions for future cooperation.

За справками обращаться по телефону +38 (048) 784-73-47, +38 (048) 784-73-48, +38 (048) 740-94-90, +38 (048) 740-94-91

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